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Find out what our clients thought about working with us.

What people say about us...

We believe we are one of the best out there at providing performance support to athletes, schools, sports clubs and businesses but you can't just take our word for it. Read and watch the quotes below to find out more...

Online Press

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FourFurTwo Magazine

Watch the video on BBC Sport Website

Click the logo above to see how we helped Glasgow City FC during the Coronavirus

Read our feature in FourFourTwo

Click the logo above to read how we kept players in shape

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Listen to our clip from Radio Clyde News

Click the logo above to hear some tips on the importance of staying active

Read how we help athlete stay motivated

Click the logo above to read how we helped athletes stay motivated

Offline Press

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Our Clients


"From first being in contact with Athlete Focused I have had nothing but 100% commitment and support" Rachel Hunter, Athletics

"Athlete Focused tailored my programme to improve my weaknesses and maintain my strengths while also having a balance between exercises" Kim Little, Football


"Thanks for letting us take part [in the fitness month] it was such a great challenge" A Jacklin, Bank Associate

"I took part in Athlete Focused's initiative today - scheduled 30 mins but took an hour. Delightful and surprising, my colleague was full of interesting stories an we shared some good working practices...more please!" M Simpson, Automation Specialist

Schools & Sports Clubs

"Last nights testing was brilliant, your team were excellent and made it run really smoothly considering the numbers you had. Can't wait for the results and how we can improve our athletes" Byron, Swim Coach

"The children loved it! It was so porfessional and they took so much new information away from the session. When are you back?!" E Lunan, Parent

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