To Do or Not To Do: That is the question.

October 31, 2017


To Do lists are a great way to enhance your productivity. Studies have shown that you are 42% more likely to complete a task if you write it down (1). To Do lists can also provide us with an opportunity to enhance our Mental Toughness. 


How? Often when we write these To Do lists, we put the easy and quick tasks at the start. This is because if feels good to achieve these targets, it gives us feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. This is an example of emotionally driven behaviour, we act in a particular manner based on how it will make it us feel. Mentally Tough individuals act on their values, not their emotion. 


The question: What would you consider your values to be? How would you want someone to describe you as a person? Committed, hard-working, professional? These are your values. Is completing an easy task and leaving more difficult, more productive tasks to later on consistent with your values of hard work and professionalism? Often we act on emotion, the 'I can't...', 'I am too tired...', ‘I don’t have time…’ stories that pass through our mind influence our behaviour. They direct us to the easy tasks and we put off the longer, more productive tasks. Acting on your values, not your emotion will lead to longer term success.

Are you willing to develop your ability to think challenging and difficult thoughts such as 'I don't have time...' and still perform at your best?


The challenge: When writing your next To Do list, notice the order of that list and then rank them in order of importance.  Are you leaving the more difficult, longer and ultimately more valuable tasks to the end? Are you acting on emotion and not your values? In what other aspects of your life does this quality of mind show up? Do what matters and rank them in importance, even if it comes with some associated discomfort and challenging thoughts. When writing your next To Do list, take the moment as an opportunity to enhance your Mental Toughness. Develop your ability to think challenging and difficult thoughts and still do what matters most.  


For more information on how to develop your Mental Toughness, why not enquire about our 1-1 services, email for more information. 

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