Physiotherapy Assessment (£35)

Recommended for those visiting for the first time. An initial appointment aims to assess and diagnose your problem and offer advice for next steps. This may be further physiotherapy treatment or your physio may recommend another appropriate form of follow-up. Initial Assessment will normally take 30 minutes.    

Physiotherapy Treatment (£35)

These follow-up sessions can be booked on physio recommendation, after the initial assesment has been completed. Treatments will vary depending on the injury but your physiotherapist will discuss all the available options with you. 

Rehabilitation Session (£45)

These sessions are for clients at end stage recovery from an injury. This is a gym-based session and clients can be coached by both a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning coach simultaneously. 

Injury Prevention Session (£45)

These sessions aim to identify current any strength, movement and flexibility deficiencies which may lead to injury. Using this information our strength and conditioning experts will provide you with an individual prehabilitation programme to improve these areas to keep you training injury free.

Swedish Massage (£55)

Swedish massage is a light, relaxing massage therapy aiming at improving both physical and mental health. Proven to be a great stress reliever, Swedish massage can provide an hours escape from a busy work, home and training schedule.

Remedial Massage (£55)

Remedial, deep-tissue massage focuses on pain and injury of the soft tissues and aims to promote tissue healing and restoration of normal muscle tissue. This type of massage is also great for maintenance of delayed-onset muscle soreness (“DOMS”) for those who are continuing to train.

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