Focused Partners






First Performance Consultancy is a Dubai, United Arab Emirates based Sports Performance company. It brings together highly experienced specialists from around the globe, to deliver exceptional services that are tailored to our clients requirements.


Athlete Focused and FPC currently collaborate on Performance Testing for various sports utilising our shared knowledge, expertise and equipment to develop our shared services.


In addition to working in the sporting arena, FPC work alongside various leading health and science-focused organisations and businesses, from across the globe, including the UK, United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Australia.


This partnership allows AF to provide additional services in Scotland and the United Kingdom and further our research and business aims.


Our additional services include:


  • Cardio-metabolic testing (respiratory gases as well as blood lactates)
  • Foot & Gait analysis for diagnostics and injury risk assessment as well as diagnostics for physiotherapy
  • Haematological profiling to inform training load management, training status, injury risk profiling as well as direct interventions on training load management, recovery strategies, nutritional/supplemental interventions, rest/sleep management. Note: this would involve blood collections.
  • Sweat electrolyte testing - to better tailor hydration strategies in terms of energy and electrolyte delivery






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