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Supporting Athletes, Schools, Sports Clubs & Businesses.

About Us


Athlete Focused is a respected performance company within the UK. 

Our main objective is to provide every client with bespoke support, that will allow them to excel in the training rooms, the sports arena and on their school fields.

We do this by ensuring every aspect of our clients performance is considered, in the quest to make them healthier, fitter, stronger and more resilient. Our plans are based on our four pillars of performance:


  • Training

  • Nutrition

  • Psychology

  • Physiotherapy (click here)



We provide tailored strength and conditioning programmes, sports science consultation, sports psychology support and nutrition plans to improve your training.

Whatever your sporting level and knowledge we can help you.

Check out our plans and support here

Our Clients

Our Work Across Sport.

We currently work with international and Olympic athletes, pro Ironman athletes, international football teams, cricket teams and hockey teams as well as young aspiring athletes making a name for themselves in their sports.

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