The Flexible Mind Approach

A support program that enhances employee performance

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A new way of thinking about employee support. 

Psychological flexibility is a concept that allows individuals to stay in the present moment, regardless of any unpleasant thoughts, feelings, while choosing behaviours that are linked to their personal values. This concept has been shown to enhance both wellbeing and performance. 


We have developed a comprehensive 3 phase, 12 week employee support program that seeks to develop psychological flexibility, at both an organisational and employee level. Our academic knowledge, twinned with our experience of high performance sport will allow us to  ensure we create true change, to allow your business to thrive. 

The program.

  • PHASE 01


    We will complete an audit of employee behaviours and experiences, to first unpack the context we will be working in. 

  • Phase 02

    Developing a flexible mind

    We will co-create a vision for the support, before then developing your staff's ability to be present, be open and do what matters.

  • Phase 03

    Planning FOR Future SUCCESS 

    We will review the development of a Flexible Mind, then put in place a plan for success that will allow your employees and business, to thrive. 

The evidence. 

By using the skills of psychological flexibility in the pursuit of values-directed behaviour, individuals will experience higher levels of motivation, task-focus, wellbeing and performance.

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Evidence presented  supports the importance of psychological flexibility in buffering the negative effects of emotional exhaustion and allows for sustained workplace performance.



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Psychological flexibility is a fundamental aspect of positive mental and physical health. It allows individuals to navigate their environment and social world, as it facilitates thriving. 

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