Couch to 10K

Your guide to becoming a runner

In this month's edition of Focused Insights, we aim to give you all the know how you'll need to start running, and keep running.  Read on to find our top tips on getting kitted out, following a plan, staying injury free and recovering well.

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Never run before?

Haven't run in years? 

Don't own a pair of trainers?

Here we'll share our insight in to how to prep for getting started. 


Being well prepared and organised will help you stay on track and reach your goal, and enjoy the journey.


Here we have put together a 14 week training plan to help you build up your training.

It is based on the run/walk method, gradually reducing your walking and increasing the time spent running.


Running is a full body exercise. 

It's important to fully warm up before training and cool down after to help prevent injury and promote recovery.

Check out our short video on warming up and cooling down.




Taking up an activity such as running doesn't need to just be a short term challenge.  If done well, it can lead to huge benefits like improved mental health and self-esteem.   


Take a look at our top tips for taking up running and sticking with it. 


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At Physio Focused, our objective is simple. We aim to provide every one of our clients with the highest possible level of care. Whether you're in need of an initial assessment, are on the road to recovery, our dedicated team of experts are here for you.​​

We offer a number of physiotherapy and massage treatments, and as a CYBG employee you  receive a 10% discount. 

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