It doesn't need to be New Year for you to make a resolution

This goal-setting edition of our Focused Insights wellness program will provide you with information on how to succeed with your  resolution. Find out more below. 


Can goal setting help?

One key to succeeding with your resolution is treating it like a goal. These promises we make ourselves are really just goals for behaviour change and we can apply simple goal setting principles to help us be more successful.  

What is our top tip?

Are you struggling to stick to your  resolution?

What is the #1 top tip for sticking to it? Check out our blog and discover what we think is the secret to sticking with your  resolution.  

How can you develop a habit?

A habit is a a settled or regular tendency that is especially hard to give up. We want our new behaviours to become habits. Read more about habits and some tips to make your new resolution one.  


What causes us to slip up?

One key to succeeding is actually accepting that we will slip up.  Are you able to accept this? This informational video will highlight that consistency is the key and accepting that you will slip is all part of the journey.  

Free Advice

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Physio Focused is a private physiotherapy clinic located on Hope Street, next to Glasgow Central Station.

At Physio Focused, our objective is simple. We aim to provide every one of our clients with the highest possible level of care. Whether you're in need of an initial assessment, are on the road to recovery, our dedicated team of experts are here for you.​​

We offer a number of physiotherapy and massage treatments, and as a Focused Insights member you  receive a 10% discount. 

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