Work out at work

Learn how to fit more physical activity into the working day.

The March edition of our Focused Insights wellness program will provide you with information on the health benefits of exercise, how much you should be doing and how to build it in to your work day.

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It isn't always enough to know that we should be physically active, we need to know why.  We'll begin this month's Focused Insights with an introduction on what we mean by physical activity and how much we should be doing.




Being active, what you need to know.

Don't know where to start? Started and then stopped? Don't know when to fit it in? 


Check out our video on how to build more activity into your day, whatever your starting point may be. 

Getting started, getting active.

Have a desk based job with little opportunity to move during the day?  Suffer from an afternoon slump?

We've put together a collection of simple exercises you can do at your desk to keep you active, keep you alert, all without leaving your desk. 

Workout at work... literally!

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Lifestyle change isn't just a phase, it takes time and perseverance to make it stick.  It can also involve more changes than you thought to make it work.  Read our blog to find out our top tips for building more activity in to your day and keeping it there. 

Staying active, our top tips. 

Free Advice

As a Clydesdale Bank employee you can get free physiotherapy advice on the last Wednesday of each month between 12-1pm. 


Just call 0141 2372 721 


Physio Focused is a private physiotherapy clinic located on Hope Street, next to Glasgow Central Station.

At Physio Focused, our objective is simple. We aim to provide every one of our clients with the highest possible level of care. Whether you're in need of an initial assessment, are on the road to recovery, our dedicated team of experts are here for you.​​

We offer a number of physiotherapy and massage treatments, and as a Clydesdale Bank employee you  receive a 10% discount. 

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