Are you sitting


Learn how to keep yourself fit and healthy at your desk.

The April edition of our Focused Insights wellness program will provide you with information on the risk factors of prolonged sitting and what you can do to avoid injury and ill health, as a result of a desk based job.


Are you sitting comfortably?

The workplace is becoming increasingly desk based, which means we find ourselves sitting  for longer and longer.  Take a look at our blog that details how to sit properly and how moving can keep you fitter, healthier, and allow you to perform to your best.

Come on - stretch it out!

Feel tight during the day? 

Aches and pains for no apparent reason?  The reason could simply be from spending the majority of you day in the same position.  In this video share some easy stretches to do during your day to move your body 

Meet the team:


Physio Focused physiotherapist and sports therapist, Lauren, introduces herself to you and takes you through a common issue which can occur by spending prolonged times sitting.


DIY Desk Assessment 

One of the most effective, and simplest, things that you can do to keep yourself fit and healthy at work is to make sure your desk arrangements are in order.  After all, you spend a lot of time there!  Follow our 10 step DIY Desk Assessment to make sure your set up is up to scratch.

Free Advice

As a Clydesdale Bank employee you can get free physiotherapy advice on the last Wednesday of each month between 12-1pm. 


Just call 0141 2372 721 


Physio Focused is a private physiotherapy clinic located on Hope Street, next to Glasgow Central Station.

At Physio Focused, our objective is simple. We aim to provide every one of our clients with the highest possible level of care. Whether you're in need of an initial assessment, are on the road to recovery, our dedicated team of experts are here for you.​​

We offer a number of physiotherapy and massage treatments, and as a Clydesdale Bank employee you  receive a 10% discount. 

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To arrange your consultation please fill out your details and one of our coaching team will be in contact.

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